1xINTERNET was founded in 2011, has 25 employees, and offices in Germany, Iceland and Spain. We provide professional web services and cutting-edge solutions for the web. Since the beginning we have been focused on Drupal as our main development framework. In the last years we have expanded our core technologies with React, a framework to build decoupled web-based solutions. We actively contribute to the Drupal project and also assist the core team of Thunder in the development of their product. 

Thunder is a well-crafted solution for the publishing industry, and being a certified technology integrator for Thunder fits well to our positioning as a provider of leading Drupal software solutions.

  • Consulting
  • Backend development
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Frontend development
  • Product management
  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Webdesign

Baddy Sonja Breidert

[email protected]


Reference Projects

Be inspired by the projects 1xInternet has done with Thunder