Andreas Ländle: Thunderstruck - Agile Values, Design Thinking and MVPs in Book Publishing

In time for the Frankfurt book fair, the Munich based publisher Droemer Knaur (part of Holtzbrinck Publishing Group) launched the website „einfach ganz leben“. The focus is to build an audience that likes to consume short articles and videos about topics like health, meditation, and work-life balance.

At the Thunder Day, Andreas Ländle, Director Digital Publishing at Droemer Knaur, talked about establishing agile workflows, design thinking, and MVPs in this progress. In this, he introduced the idea of a Minimum Lovable Product: As Thunder came with many features out of the box, Droemer Knaur could shift the budget from backend to frontend and focus on UX and design. In the result, the MVP was enhanced with things they hadn't even thought about and Droemer Knaur ended up with an MLP.