Autosave for Thunder

Thunder Autosave Notification

With Thunder 3.3.2, we introduced the Autosave function. It is a further step forward to improve the editor experience as the feature will automatically save the editor's progress within a set interval.

We made sure that no unwanted changes are published: When Autosave is enabled, only the progress within an article form will be saved. At this time, the content in the CMS remains in its state until the changes are saved or published manually.

The feature is customizable to your needs and settings can be made to:

  • Change the interval time when progress is being saved (every 60 seconds by default)
  • Edit the notification modal by message and duration
  • Enable/disable Autosave for single forms


For now, Autosave will only work once content is being saved initially, as we save the users progress to an existing node in the database.

Autosave will only save in time intervals, not on user input. Please make sure that the intervals are not set below 10 seconds, as they may cause unwanted loads on the database when high amounts of editors are working simultaneously.