Release of Thunder 7 Beta

The Thunder Core team is happy to announce the beta release of Thunder 7:

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About Thunder 7

Thunder 7 is based on Drupal 10 and is therefore up to date with the latest technology. Drupal 10 is built on the latest Symfony 6.2 version and introduces CKEditor 5 with a better authoring experience and more advanced editing.

The most noticeable new feature of Thunder 7 is certainly the bright and modern Gin backend theme. With the Claro-based Gin theme, we made a conscious decision to go with a community-supported solution - saying goodbye to the Thunder Admin theme we launched in 2017. We had developed this theme in response to specific requests from publishers. These special features have largely been transferred to Gin.

In addition, with Thunder 7 we are introducing the Media Library for managing media assets. Here again, we have made a conscious decision to use the core Drupal solution. Thunder 7 also comes with an updated version of the Sitemap module.

What's next for you?

Important: Please plan time now to upgrade your systems to Drupal 10!

Please check carefully

Adjust your roadmaps accordingly and keep in mind that Drupal 9 will be unsupported as early as November 2023 (

Please remember: There will be no feature or security updates for Thunder 6 after November 2023 either!

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