Thunder worldwide

The Thunder community keeps growing and growing! In December we welcomed our 20th Certified Thunder Integrator and we would like to use this occasion to provide you a short update.

Our 20 Certified Thunder Integrators are based in a total of 55 cities in 21 countries. In Germany alone there are 18 cities in which Thunder experts are based. Those located furthest away from Munich (where Thunder originated) are Valuebound in San Jose, California (9,458km) and Netnode in Chiang-Mai, Thailand (8,279km).

More than 634 employees work at our CTIs. If one were to add up the time spent registered on it would amount to more than 3000 years of Drupal experience!

We ourselves do not even know how many Thunder sites there are in total. As an open source product, anyone can download, use and change our distribution without our knowledge. On around 700 sites report using Thunder. Since the start of Thunder on on 13th January 2016 the distribution has so far been downloaded 57,775 times.

Our CTIs have by themselves created more than 85 Thunder websites and share their experiences with the community - for example at this year’s Thunder Day on 8th and 9th October 2020 in Munich!

Enjoy the Experience