Drupal Media Initiative organises Sprint in Barcelona

An extremely productive Sprint organised by the Drupal Media Initative took place in Barcelona from 3.12.2018 to 8.12.2018. In addition to many improvements designed to increase the media module's stability within Drupal, the primary emphasis was on the further development of the media library and media integration for the CKEditor. 

With a total of nine participants, including Christian Fritsch and Alex Pott (Senior Developers in the Thunder team), very valuable results were achieved. Participants worked together with the roadmap and created many new designs for the Media Library. "The week was super! We achieved a lot!" explained Christian upon his return. "The concept of such Sprint weeks is definitely a win. You meet up and then do very focussed work together. A lot is achieved in the process and, frankly, it should be done more often." The positive side effect of such an event is also not to be underestimated: "Lots of tapas and sightseeing in Barcelona with the two locals Marcos and Cristina. This makes work double the fun." 

In addition to Thunder, sponsors of this week were also Acquia, Ymbra and the Netzstrategen who made their office in Barcelona available. Thank you to everyone and see you next time! 

Designs created for the Media Library so far can be found here: