Drupal Mountain Camp 2019 Switzerland

The Drupal Mountain Camp Switzerland 2019 took place between the 7th and 10th March 2019 in Davos with the motto “Open Source on the top of the world”. Thunder was present enjoying the wonderful community, ample opportunities to network and the exceptionally well organised event. “The organisers really came up with something good: typically Swiss food, a sleigh ride and a delicious cheese fondue in the evening. Attention was also paid to the smallest details. Hats and lip balm were included in the giveaways, a must for the cold weather outside.” explains Karlo, Thunder’s project manager.

In addition to the “technology track”, the “business track”, which is becoming ever more visible at DrupalCamps, also stood out. With the newly acquired subject matter areas, the community has shown that DrupalCamps ceased to be tech-only events a long time ago. Process optimisation, marketing and product develop are becoming more the focus now. Steve Holyer (https://twitter.com/zurcherart) showed in his workshop how agile methods in the company can be adapted to the prevailing conditions and which agile basic principles may not be deviated from under any circumstances. A specially developed agile board game enabling the learning of agile development in a playful manner was also entertaining.

In the panel moderated by community stalwart Rachel Lawson, national community leaders from France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Belarus discussed how sustainable communities can be built. Jeffrey McGuire also illustrated how ambiguous communication, particularly between technology and business oriented areas of a company, can result in people or departments going in opposite directions despite a common objective. He presented a coherent communication strategy which can close the chasm between tech and business and, furthermore, receive added value with the marketing of its services or products.

A further highlight at the Drupal Mountain Camp 2019 Switzerland were the Swiss Splashawards. 24 projects in 7 categories competed against each other and were awarded by a jury. “MD-System”, one of Thunder’s CTIs, was repeatedly able to pick up one the coveted awards.

In conclusion, “MD-Systems” CEO Miro Dietiker made it clear how and why our users and their needs must come more into the focus of Drupal’s development team. He sensitised us to the ever-advancing Drupal blindness and the associated self-understanding that everything is as it is.  This attitude prevents us from adjusting ourselves to user demands in order to offer customers added value.

We wish to thank the organisers for the seamlessly organised event. Our thanks also go to the numerous speakers whose contributions made the event what it was: A great enrichment for the entire Drupal Community. Whether a techie or not - always worth attending!