DrupalCon Amsterdam – here we come!

Only one week left until the DrupalCon in Amsterdam - and our team is really excited! We are proud to sponsor the event again this year: Meet us Monday to Wednesday in the Contribution Lounge and Thursday at the Contribution Day - and of course during the whole DrupalCon.

On Tuesday at 11:30, our Community Manager Julia Pradel will participate in the Open Source Contribution Panel. There she will discuss the current state of open source contribution as part of our daily life and work with Josef Dabernig, Sally Young, Michael Schmid, and Bojan Zivanovic. The panel will discuss the source of motivation for open source contribution as well as models and strategies to include contributions to the daily business.

This is what our team is most looking forward to:

Mladen: I'll bring my mask and snorkel for Linux Server Deep Dive session. I'm also looking forward to Karaoke and Games Night. Not for the Karaoke, but for the Board Games.

Kai: I am very much looking forward to meeting many members of the Thunder Coalition and exchanging experiences and new ideas with them.

Christian: I'm most excited to meet the other developers from the Media Initiative again and continue working with them in the Contribution Lounge.

Alex: I’m looking forward to the sprint on Thursday and working with new contributors on the next core releases of Drupal - 8.8 and 9.0. I’m excited that we’re moving to Symfony 4 and removing all of our deprecated code from Drupal 9.

Daniel: My personal highlight is the group photo, which shows me every time anew how large and diverse the Drupal community is.

Julia: I can't wait for the Splash Awards. I find it exciting to get to know so many interesting Drupal projects, and I like that the teams celebrate themselves - they deserve it!

Volker: I’m looking forward to the talk about Houdini by Vidit Anjaria and Saket Kumar from QED42 (Houdini - New Era of CSS) and to meet again with the great people of the Admin UI & JavaScript initiative.

Karlo: I am especially looking forward to the sessions of Lukas Fischer from Netnode and Christian Kreutzer from ppi Media (see below). All in all, I am very pleased that business and marketing will be more strongly represented this year than before.

A special note for all publishers who serve both print and digital channels:

Christian Kreutzer from ppi media will show how they connected Drupal to print on Wednesday at 17:15 (Connecting Drupal to Print: A seamless, smart, and bidirectional integration into an Adobe InDesign based publishing workflow). He will present their editorial workflow and planning solution CX planner, which allows a seamless, smart, and bidirectional integration into an Adobe InDesign based publishing workflow.

Our Certified Thunder Integrators will also be represented in large numbers:

Richard Jones from Inviqa will talk about a shift in perspective towards “headless” in the commerce world. In this session on Tuesday at 10:30 (Drupal’s place in an evolving landscape - Modernising your Commerce architecture), he will present the evolutionary journey of commerce sites using practical examples from the perspective of B2C and B2B.

Lukas Fischer from Netnode will present their module "Drupal Content Planner" on Tuesday at 16:40 (Drop your Excel Sheets: Drupal native editorial planning). The module allows content teams to plan content directly in Drupal. In his presentation, he will explain how the Content Dashboard, Content Calendar, and Kanban Board can help editorial teams to deliver better content.

Wolfgang Ziegler from Drunomics will talk about pre-rendering media sites with Nuxt.js and Netlify on Tuesday at 17:15 (Pre-Rendering Media Sites with Nuxt.js & Netlify). This session will show how the static site generation feature of Nuxt.js can be combined with Drupal to easily pre-render sites while leveraging client-side rendering for dynamic functionality.

Oliver Davies from Inviqa will explain how to use Ansible, Ansible Vault and Ansistrano to deploy PHP applications on Wednesday at 15:25 (Deploying PHP applications with Ansible, Ansible Vault and Ansistrano). He found this combination to be very flexible and easy to install and use and will share his experiences.

Melinda Kovacs-Sztankovits and Francisco Jose Seva Mora from 1xInternet will explain how to use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) to create configurable blazing effects on Wednesday at 16:15 (SVGs in Drupal Frontends - Creating configurable blazing effects). They will start by looking at the structure of SVGs and how to create and change them – to later connect the SVGs with variables and logic in the templates and change them from a Drupal backend.

You might also be interested in the session by Peter Ponya and Dominika Péterová from Brainsum on Tuesday at 17:40 (IT news portal migrated from a highly customized Wordpress to Drupal 8): They will present how they migrated an IT news portal from a highly customized Wordpress to Drupal 8. In the process, they looked for the best admin theme and decided to go with the Thunder Admin Theme. “Thunder is a great drop-in replacement and a good foundation for building better editorial experiences with Drupal“, they write in their case study.