Thunder @ DrupalCon Europe

Thunder at DrupalCon Europe

By now, Thunder is one of Drupal’s most downloaded distributions — and after four years, we would like to sum up the ups and downs in this journey: When the German publishing house Hubert Burda Media started building a Drupal distribution in 2016, this was meant to be our internal answer to a growing portfolio and diversifying requirements. Meanwhile, numerous websites run on Thunder, and not only traditional publishers! Thunder has become THE distribution for professional publishing.

In the session, Thunder community manager Julia Pradel and lead developer Daniel Bosen want to explain:

  • Hubert Burda Media’s motivation to share technology with not only our competitors but with everyone who publishes content,
  • what challenges we faced along this journey,
  • what benefits we reaped, and
  • why we are more determined than ever to contribute to Drupal.

We are looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday, December 08 - 10:30 to 11:10 CET

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