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Saki Athanassios Danoglidis
Arabellastrasse 23
81925 Munich

E-Mail: [email protected]
phone: +49 89 9250-3413


Drupal Media Initiative organises Sprint in Barcelona
An extremely productive Sprint organised by the Drupal Media Initative took place in Barcelona from 3.12.2018 to 8.12.2018. In addition to many improvements designed to increase the media module's stability within Drupal, the primary emphasis was on the further development of the media library and media integration for the CKEditor. With a total of nine participants, including Christian Fritsch and Alex Pott (Senior Developers in the Thunder team), very valuable results were achieved.
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Thunder Day 2018 in three words - cool, global and forward-looking
The future of Online Publishing was the central focus at Thunder Day 2018. Experts from media, IT and open source not only shared their experiences of the media world with Online Publishing but also provided food for thought regarding future trends, expectations and challenges. Particular attention was given to the question as to how income can be generated in the future from sources other than classic advertising.
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Thunder Day 2018: Global sector pioneers discuss the future of online publishing
On 26th and 27th November the subject of online publishing will be the core focus. 23 experts and thought leaders from renowned companies such as Microsoft, Axel Springer, Gruner + Jahr or the Drupal Association will be gathering under one roof at Thunder Day 2018 together with over 300 participants from all over the world. From start-ups to established companies, CTOs and CTOs from the digital and publishing sectors will be giving presentations over two days covering their own business models and providing insights into their experiences. They will be discussing the trends, opportunities and challenges affecting online publishing currently and in the future. Among other things, the focus will be on trend topics of Open Source and Blockchain and how these are determining the future.
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