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Media Contact

Saki Athanassios Danoglidis
Arabellastrasse 23
81925 Munich

E-Mail: [email protected]
phone: +49 89 9250-3413


Agenda at Thunder Day 2018
Speakers Thunder Day 2018
Anyone involved in professional online publishing knows that the way to the internet is connected with fast-paced technical progress. While looking for solutions to current problems, you will also discover topics for the future which you might have no idea how to classify at present. The Thunder Coalition around the Thunder Core Team has developed a CMS which recognizes and covers the needs of professional publishing. But that is not all. Thunder also recognizes problem scenarios and the concerns of media professionals, and knows which technical developments need to be integrated into our strategies. Thanks to the large network of the Thunder Coalition, we have been able to get experts on relevant topics.
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Thunder Backstage - Christian Fritsch
Christian Fritsch
Christian is one of the first developers who joined the team after Thunder was founded in 2016. He is an integral part of the ThunderCore team and is called “Gute Laune Boy” (“good mood boy”) by his colleagues. He always has a smile when explaining the world of Thunder, even to dummies. One of Christian’s special gifts is a reliable inner alarm clock which goes off at midday on the dot. The entire team trusts his inner clock and is never late for lunch.
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