Meet Thunder at DrupalEurope in Darmstadt

It’s happening soon! Just one month until DrupalEurope from 10th until 14th September in Darmstadt. We are not just there to sponsor the trivia night and the contribution sprints but will also be giving exciting talks, participating in a panel discussion and be introduced in various case studies by our CTIs and partners. We are very proud to be able to make such a big contribution to DrupalEurope with Thunder.

We want to share our excitement with you and give you an overview where you can meet us in addition to the trivia night and the contribution sprints. One topic or another relating to Thunder is sure to pique your interest. Experience the following presenters:



Visit the presentations and case studies from our friends and partners too! The presentations are heavily tied in with Thunder and will give you exciting insights and experiences to take home with you.



ThunderCMS also will be a participant at the social event Publishing + Media get-together evening .

It is a casual get-together for people interested in the Publishing + Media track at Drupal Europe. Please register, if you want to take part:


We are really looking forward to meeting you at DrupalEurope!