MONOKI becomes the 20th Certified Thunder Integrator

The Thunder family has welcomed yet another new addition: In November it was our great pleasure to welcome our 20th Certified Thunder Integrator! Hamburg agency MONOKI has successfully obtained certification for the website – and already implemented additional Thunder projects.

MONOKI is a creative brand agency and looks after companies from the “Health, Technology, Living” sector with both a national and international presence. The agency supports entrepreneurs and marketing teams with their Brand Success System to take new and existing brands to the pinnacle of success. With the following result: Gaining more traffic, more leads and more real brand fans.

Monoki Logo

An integrated tool stack has become very important for MONOKI for ensuring the high-quality and cost-effective implementation of projects – and for keeping pace with the offerings from international agencies. According to Joana Hoffmeister, owner, and director of MONOKI, numerous content management systems were evaluated in the search for a solution, during which Drupal and later Thunder was found to be the test winner.

In addition to the blog for BLANKE – an international supplier of tile accessories – MONOKI has also launched the Swiss School of Prosthetic’s website ( for Swiss company CANDULOR. Even though the projects cannot be considered classic publishing, as far as MONOKI was concerned there were many reasons for using Thunder: “Thunder distinguishes itself from other Drupal distros such as VarBase through its lean and very efficient module configuration which covers over 90% of the normal project requirements”, explains senior developer Joachim Feltkamp. At the forefront is the use of media modules and paragraphs which are perfectly augmented by additional modules and libraries.

Thunder also makes high-grade, stable upgrades possible in Feltkamp’s view. “Updates must be done regularly for Drupal-based websites – which often leads to problems”, he explains. “Our time spent on bug fixing has been significantly reduced through the use of Thunder and at the same time we hope to increase the lifespan of the websites by several years.” The agency was also convinced by Thunder’s well-structured back-end and therefore also MONOKI’s customers. “Training and queries regarding content maintenance have significantly decreased”, explains Feltkamp with a smile. “The pre-configured user roles also make our task of providing our customers with a tidy and self-explanatory backend that much easier.“

Bottom line from Joana Hoffmeister: “Thunder enables exceptionally high-quality and, at the same time, cost-efficient implementation of online projects, whether small or complex. We look forward to many more exciting projects and the cooperation with THUNDER!"