Nathan Maehren: Open Y - Bringing Digital Transformation to a 170-year-old global YMCA Brand

The YMCA faces the same challenges as most organizations with decentralized and fragmented digital ecosystems. With YMCAs in 130 countries and 874 YMCA associations in the in US alone, the digital waste is compounded. Nathan Maehren, senior vice president of digital for the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, introduces Open Y - the solution to this challenges and a Drupal distribution much like Thunder. Open Y brings together a community of YMCAs and digital partners from across the world to provide consistent digital execution and a path for innovation.

Learn about how Open Y:

  • Aligns talent, saves money, and delivers better experiences for YMCAs
  • Drives enrollment, engagement, and participation with YMCAs and partners
  • Designs future digital products to evolve their brand and customer experience