Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth, Johannes Haseitl & Saskia Rettenbacher: Case Study ISPO.COM - How Thunder drives Content Marketing

The website is probably the first content marketing project realized with Thunder. In their case study, Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth, CTO at The Digitale, Johannes Haseitl, CEO at the Certified Thunder Integrator undpaul, and Saskia Rettenbacher, Senior Manager ISPO Digital Services at Messe Muenchen explain how they migrated the website from Coremedia to Thunder - in six months.

The challenge was to transform into a leading digital publisher. Looking for the right CMS, The Digitale evaluated nine CMS from the long list on detail, with 1080 questions and 88 criteria per CMS. Surprise - though not for us - Drupal was by far the best. To implement the website in the given time, the team decided to go with Thunder. Learn what they did in the recorded session.