Ramsalt Media is a ready-to-go newspaper software built on top of Thunder. You can have a new online newspaper ready in a day. Use a standardised design that can be customized to your preferences, or go for full design process on top of our software. Modules are already in place for subscription, advertisement and producing printed copy online. We help you with the technology, while you can focus on content. 

Ramsalt Lab was founded in 2010, has 17 employees, with offices in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Romania. Ramsalt has since the beginning been focused on the publishing industry and has developed and maintaining 43+ online newspapers and magazines around the globe. Before Ramsalt joined forces with the Thunder coalition in 2016, we maintained our own Drupal distribution for publishers. We have a staff with experience from the publishing industry as editors and journalists that help us understand needs and sharpen the product. We host a yearly editorial seminar where newspapers shares experience and help drive the development.

  • Consulting
  • Backend development
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Frontend development
  • Product management
  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Webdesign

"Ramsalt is a very competent supplier who delivered a very stable website where we just had to make very small adjustments to be on the air by specification and as we had planned." 

Einar Ryvarden. Development Editor The Norwegian Medical Journal


Yngve Bergheim

[email protected]


Reference Projects

Be inspired by the projects Ramsalt has done with Thunder: