Splash Award for Thunder site

The International Splash Awards 2019 announced its winners during a recent awards ceremony, held in conjunction with DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019. Winners across 10 categories received an award. Among them was our Certified Thunder Integrator Drunomics, who received the award for the Burda website einfachbacken.de which was implemented with Thunder – congratulations on this!

Splash Awards 2019 awards

The Splash Awards celebrate the best Drupal projects on the web, and ceremonies are held around the world.

The Austrian web development team of Drunomics from Vienna was awarded first prize in the Publishing / Media category for the Drupal project einfachbacken.de. The international award is a further confirmation of the outstanding technical implementation of this multisite, which was voted best website in the media category at the national awards ceremony in Munich in April.

At the international Splash Awards, the multi-site project einfachbacken.de won in the Publishing / Media category against projects from Africa, Europe, and the US. The site was conceived as a Mobile-First project for the publishing house MFI Meine Familie und Ich Verlag (part of Hubert Burda Media) and implemented with Thunder. As the first website in this multi-site instance, it developed into a springboard for four more sites.

During the development of einfachbacken.de, the main focus was on performance. This manifests itself in extras like the Vue.js, Solr, Varnish and Cloudflare CDN integration as well as a highly developed test suite with Behat, Sitespeed, and VisualRegressionTests. The team of einfachbacken.de would like to share recipes and knowledge to become the number one contact point for hobby bakers.

Further awards for our Certified Thunder Integrators

Besides Drunomics two other Certified Thunder Integrators were awarded in Amsterdam.

1xInternet received two Splash Awards: The Eldum Rétt website was awarded in the E-Commerce category. It’s an Icelandic subscription service that delivers food boxes complete with recipes and meal plans for home cooking to private households. In the category Corporate 1xInternet received the award for the site of SENEC, a provider for solar energy devices in Germany, Italy, and Australia.

Factorial was awarded in the category Health Care for the site More Than Scleroderma. This website provides education and help for chronically ill patients with systemic sclerosis.

About the Splash Awards

The Splash Awards celebrate the best Drupal projects on the web, and ceremonies are held around the world. The international edition gives Drupal case studies a global opportunity to get recognized. Each digital experience is a testimony to the power of Drupal and its possibilities for digital innovation.

Almost 200 Drupal leaders as well as organizations that have adopted Drupal attended the awards ceremony. Imre Gmelig Meijling, co-organizer of the awards, said, “It’s amazing to see the awards bring together more and more people each time. The Splash Awards is truly an open source award.”