Thunder 2.0: What’s new?

With Thunder 2.0, you get a lot of new functionalities. You can check them out on or get an insight of the changes with our new video tutorial.

Here’s an overview about what has changed:

  • Improved paragraphs: Now you can add a new paragraph anywhere in an article. You don’t have to add the new paragraph at the end and then move it to the right position anymore. This makes creating and changing multi-media articles much easier.
  • Responsive preview: See what your article will look like on different smartphones and tablets, in upright or landscape orientation.
  • Access unpublished content: Share unpublished articles with people who are not part of your team and don’t have access to your CMS, e.g. advertisers. You can send them a special link that allows access to the article for a limited time.
  • Better integration of Riddle: In future, you can find quizzes, polls, or personality tests created with our partner Riddle in the media browser. This makes it much easier for editors to import, choose, and add riddles.
  • Social sharing: We add the module Shariff which provides highly customizable social sharing buttons.
  • Compare versions of your article: With the help of the module diff, you can easily see the differences between two revisions of the article. You can therefore retrace any changes.
  • Google AMP: We added an integration to Google AMP. In future you can deliver not only text, but also images, galleries, videos, as well as Instagram and Twitter cards.
  • Liveblog: Our first community project comes to life! The result is the Liveblog module which will be part of the Thunder core soon.
  • Better update processes: Distributions like Thunder face the problem of losing control after the installation. How should a distribution actually deliver features and updates? We thought a lot about this problem and we will introduce the “Thunder way to keep your site up to date”: Thunder checks if installed configurations have been changed – if not, they can be updated. Otherwise you will get a message telling you that there’s an update pending and what to do if you wish to have it.