Thunder 3 Release – Free Webinar


In the past months the Thunder Core Team has primarily been working on one thing: Thunder 3. And now that it is almost complete we are looking forward to presenting the update to you soon.  

With the release of Thunder 3 the content management system becomes future-proof: Thunder 3 offers the technical basis for supporting future Drupal versions. With Thunder 3, we are therefore already doing the preparatory work for Drupal 9 and the version Thunder 4 based on it, which will be released simultaneously from June 2020. Already now you can look forward to a much improved and more structured user interface, which will come with this version. 

With Thunder 3 you will already receive a media handling tool fully integrated into Drupal. Further features such as the full text search will come during the course of the year. 

For the first time there will be two Thunder versions - with Thunder 2.x and Thunder 3, which will exist side by side and will be maintained by us. So, you can take your time with the update - but we strongly recommend to put the update on the to-do-list as soon as possible.

Why we recommend updating to Thunder 3:
We are concentrating entirely on Thunder 3 now which will be based on Drupal versions which will come after 8.7. Support for Thunder 3 will be guaranteed until 2022 – and thus far beyond the release of Thunder 4. 

Thunder 2.x will not be receiving any new features after the release of Thunder 3. The version will therefore remain on the technical base of Drupal 8.7 and will no longer be compatible with future Drupal versions. Thunder 2.x will still be supported with security updates and bugfixes until June 2020. From then onwards the Thunder team will discontinue support for version 2.x. 

Webinar about the Update 
We want to accompany the release of Thunder 3 with an online webinar in order to answer all questions.

The webinar is planned for 18th July 2019 at 4pm Central European Summer Time. You can register for the free webinar at this link: Feel free to share this link! 

For anyone who does not want or is unable to take part in the webinar, there will be a detailed summary afterwards as well as a recording. This will contain all our answers to your questions, suggestions and remarks. We will publish and share these with you on our website soon.


We have already released our first Thunder 3 beta by now. The release is tagged "beta" because the update process still has to be proven in real world scenarios. But for new installations this can be considered as stable.

Have fun!