Thunder gets the Search API

Editors can now search for articles more easily in Thunder. After a lot of work, we have finally integrated the "Search API" module which enables, among other things, a full-text search.

Screenshot Search API

The module “Search API” provides a framework for easily creating searches on any entity known to Drupal, using any kind of search engine. For site administrators, it is a great alternative to other search solutions, since it already incorporates facetting support and the ability to use the Views module for displaying search results, filters, etc. Also, with the Apache Solr integration, a high-performance search engine is available for this module. Read more about the module:

To start using the new article search, the optional Thunder Search API module has to be enabled, as it is not enabled by default. We made it an optional module because we believe that a Solr-Search server is required to take full advantage of the search API – but we did not want to make this a requirement for Thunder.

Comparison Standard Search - Search API

After enabling the module, the content list will get a full-text search index instead of the previous search by title. We recommend using Solr-Search for improved performance.

The optional „Thunder Search API” integration is available for the latest version of Thunder 3 (Thunder 8.x-5.3) as well as Thunder 6.