Thunder for special interest publishers

Special interest publishers have special requirements when it comes to a content management system. We learned that in talks with numerous publishers during the previous months. Though Hubert Burda Media is Germanys largest magazine publisher, we are not experts when it comes to special interest publishing. That’s why we encouraged an exchange of experiences between publishers.

On April 26, representatives from 18 special interest publishers accepted our invitation and attended the workshop in Munich. Together we discussed special requirements such as the multiple use of content in different channels, registration processes, and solutions for paid content.

One of the most important needs is a standardized API so publishers can integrate their newsletter tools, shops, CRM systems, asset management systems, or similar. One of our next steps will therefore be to discuss and create a standardized interface. Another big issue is the creation of different variants for an article, be it for different websites, newsletters, or social media channels.

We will be working jointly on these topics in the future. We are planning more meetings and workshops like this for this purpose and an ongoing exchange of via Slack, Xing, and other channels. Feel free to join this process!