Webinar: All about Thunder 3

Thunder 3 is coming: Over the past few months, the team has been working on this major release, which includes several innovations. Before the release, we have therefore organized a webinar with all important information, which you can watch here. We have also summarized the news for you to read.

Why do we introduce Thunder 3?

One of Thunder’s main distinctive features is the media handling. In version 2, this relies on the contrib module Media Entity. This module won’t be supported by Drupal 9 anymore.

But don't worry: Drupal integrated the media handling in the core features some versions ago. So, Thunder 3 will incorporate the media handling from Drupal core and remove the contrib module.

Basically, that’s it. From a look and feel Thunder will stay the same, as we won´t introduce any new features with the initial Thunder 3 release.

Anyway, the update requires a manual migration and it therefore comes with breaking changes. Thus, we introduce a new major version of Thunder.

Why is Thunder 3 still in beta?

At the moment, Thunder 3 is still beta. The reason is not that the version doesn't work properly, but that we are very careful when it comes to updating existing websites.

We were only able to test the migration in a limited number of projects and tech environments. That’s why we are cautious to release Thunder 3 as a general release at this point.

Anyway, we have good news to anybody who wants to switch from Thunder 2 to Thunder 3:

And we have even better news for anybody starting new Thunder projects: As we only take precautions regarding the migration, we can fully recommend using Thunder 3 for new projects.

Why do we recommend updating to Thunder 3

We are focusing entirely on Thunder 3 and this will be the only version getting new features in the coming months.

Thunder 2.x will not be receiving any new features after the release of Thunder 3 and won’t be compatible with future Drupal versions.

Multiple Thunder Versions

For the first time there will be two Thunder versions which will exist side by side and will be maintained by us: Thunder 2.x and Thunder 3. As this is new for us and for you, we will give you an overview of the planned versions and releases:

Thunder 2

Thunder 2 will remain based on Drupal 8.7. Our support for Thunder 2 will end in June 2020. Until then, we will only release security patches and critical bugfixes. There will be no new features for Thunder 2.

Thunder 3

Thunder 3 and its minor versions are what we focus on at the moment. New Features will only be released in these versions. Thunder 3 will be based on the latest Drupal minor version. This means that we will adapt Drupal´s 6-month release cycle until Drupal 8 will be discontinued in June 2021.

Thunder 4

Thunder 4 is the next big thing we will be working on: It will be released in June 2020 and is based on Drupal 9.

Various levels of support

The different parallel versions are accompanied by different support levels from our site:

Thunder 2 will remain in minimum support. That means, that we will issue security updates and critical bugfixes. In June 2020, the support from our site will end.

When it comes to Thunder 3, we will always support the two latest version: With every new Drupal minor version, we will also release a new Thunder 3 minor version which will be fully supported. The older minor version will stay at security and bugfix support. Versions older than this won’t be supported anymore.

As soon as Thunder 4 is released, this version will of course get full support. As long as Drupal 8 is supported (until November 2021), Thunder 3 and 4 will both be issued with latest features. After this, we will focus on Thunder 4.