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We believe that publishers do not compete with each other through technology, but through content and brands. Technology is rather a limiting factor for publishers as, for example, content management systems are often expensive and launch projects take substantial time and money.

In 2016, the German publisher Hubert Burda Media therefore established the Thunder Coalition, which aims at joining forces amongst publishers by sharing code and innovation power.

The Thunder Coalition’s core product is the content management system Thunder, which is based on Drupal 8. Coalition Members develop useful modules, use them for their own purposes and share them with the community by publishing them under the GNU General Public License. Neither Hubert Burda Media nor the other publishers in the Coalition will charge anyone for their contributions. The goal is to spend less money overall by working together- and not to receive money from others.

Nonetheless, publishers who use Thunder can decide which parts of their development effort they would like to share with the public – all, some or none.

The Thunder Coalition is formed to attract as many publishers worldwide as possible – as users of the Thunder distribution and as contributors to the technology. The number of users is directly related to the richness and usefulness of the provided functionality and, hence, to the number of contributors.


With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, the integration of video in websites and also in marketing strategies is the key fact

Editors and administrators are enabled to work via mobile devices – on the go, easy and fast. Users benefi t from a modern and fl exible front end.

Publishers can effortlessly create interactive content such as opinion polls, lists, pop quizzes or personality tests.

Editors are able to publish their content effortlessly as instant articles on Facebook, which reduces loading times on the mobile web.

Infinite scrolling: Whenever a user reaches the end of an article, the Infinity Theme loads further relevant content, thus increasing user engagement.




Media contact

Olga Oster
Arabellastrasse 23
81925 Munich

phone: +49 89 9250-2590


What is Thunder?

Thunder is a Drupal 8 distribution for professional publishers. It consists of the current Drupal 8 functionality, lots of useful modules from publishers and industry partners, and an environment which makes it easy to install, deploy and add new functionality.

Who maintains Thunder?

The distribution is maintained by the Thunder Core Team ( The Core Team decides which modules are added to or removed from the distribution. The Core Team also ensures that all basic functionality is available free of charge.

What is the Thunder Core Team?

The Thunder Core Team are a small number of publishing experts and computer scientists led by Ingo Rübe. They maintain the distribution, handle industry relations, publishers’ requests and offers as well as specialists training. They also run the Coalition’s infrastructure (like and organise events like the annual meeting.

How is the Thunder Core Team paid and what is their business model?

The Core Team’s expenses are paid by Hubert Burda Media. There is no plan to earn money. Hubert Burda Media believes that the Thunder Coalition will speed up their own development so much, that the investment in the core team will pay back easily in the form of improved functionality and the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Will Hubert Burda Media fund this forever?

Forever? Probably not alone. However, Hubert Burda Media will fund the initiative for a significant period that is long enough to establish Thunder in the market. If Thunder is successful, we might change the funding to a foundation model like in a couple of years.

How is Thunder licensed?

Thunder is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is free of any licence or maintenance fee.

Who is liable for the functionality of Thunder?

In general, neither Hubert Burda Media, nor the Thunder Core Team, nor any other individual or organisation who contributes to the functionality included in the Thunder distribution under the GNU General Public License (i.e. for free) can be held liable for any bugs, crashes or any other actual or perceived misperformance of the software or the system. However, individual service level agreements may be negotiated for premium services provided on top of the Thunder functionality by industry partners to specific clients.

What is the Thunder Coalition?

Industry partners, publishers, individuals, implementation partners and the core team form the Thunder Coalition. The goals of the coalition are

  • to enable publishers to deploy rich functionality for their products very quickly and at reasonable cost,
  • to share functionality among publishers, fuelling the industry and providing excellent user experience with the individual content,
  • to enable industry partners to spread their outstanding services amongst publishers and to charge for premium services as the publishers grow,
  • to enable implementation partners to gain knowledge about Thunder programming and implementation in order to provide services to publishers and industry partners.

How does the Coalition work?

The Coalition discusses feature requests and offers, celebrates new launches, and is a platform for programmers and executives in the publishing industry. There is a mailing list, a forum and we're planning to have regular Coalition meetings in the future.

Where can I get Thunder?

Download from

Ok. How long can I use Thunder until I have to pay?

The time of use for all Thunder modules is unlimited. No business model. No need to pay.

Is there a logo or some kind of ads popping up?

There is absolutely no business model. And there are no logos or ads popping up.

Do I have to sign up somewhere to use Thunder?

No. Just download and go ahead. If you would like to receive news about thunder, sign up to our newsletter by sending ‚Subscribe‘ to If you want to contribute or collaborate or influence the development, just contribute your code and inform the Thunder Core Team of your work at

If I use Thunder for publishing my web sites, do I have to contribute my own developments?

Publishers using Thunder are encouraged (but not obliged) to join the Thunder Coalition (member request form) and add new functionality to the distribution. But this is completely up to you or your company’s regulations.

What about the industry partners?

Industry partners may add functionality to Thunder, provided that this functionality is useful for publishers, free of charge for unlimited time and that the industry partner is invited and/or accepted by the Core Team.

So Thunder re-sells industry premium functionality to publishers?

No. If a publisher wants to procure premium functionality from any industry partner, the Thunder Coalition is not involved. Any contract is established directly between the respective industry partner and the publisher.

Why would an industry partner join?

The Thunder Coalition offers industry partners to have their software or services used by many publishers. The industry partners may also offer additional premium functionality, which publishers might want to use and also pay for.

I found a bug. What now?

Please report to describing the module and the effect. If you can fix the bug yourself, please go ahead and either inform or use the mechanisms on

I work in publishing/industry/close to Drupal. How can I help spread the word?

Speak about Thunder. Write about Thunder. Contribute new modules, encourage people to use Thunder.

Where do I find Thunder developers, designers, project managers, testers etc.?

Thunder offers small companies and individuals to become certified Thunder specialists.

What is a Certified Thunder Integrator (CTI)?

Certified Thunder Integrators (CTI) are IT consultancies, developers, agencies, and similar IT professionals with a proven knowledge and practical experience in managing and implementing successful Thunder projects. CTIs need to be certified by the Thunder Core Team in order to be allowed to use the label ‘Certified Thunder Integrator’ and the associated badge to promote their services.

What is the CTI Badge?

The CTI Badge is a seal of quality for excellent Thunder services. Certified Thunder Integrators may use the Badge for marketing their services.


When CTIs use the CTI-Badge in their online communication activities, the Badge should be set-up as a hyperlink to In an offline context (e.g. print publications, business cards, etc.) "" must be mentioned, too.
If you need the CTI Badge in print quality resolution, please send an e-mail to

Are only Certified Thunder Integrators allowed to use and implement Thunder?

No. Everyone and every company is allowed to implement Thunder and to run Thunder projects. But Certified Thunder Integrators (CTI) have a certified knowledge and a proven track record in doing so successfully. And only CTIs are allowed to use the label ‘Certified Thunder Integrator’ and the associated badge to promote their services.

How can my company become a Certified Thunder Integrator (CTI) and what are the requirements?

In order to become a CTI, please apply for certification by sending an e-mail to the Thunder Core Team ( The Core Team will then guide you through the certification process.

In order to be certified by the Thunder Core Team, a company or developer has to demonstrate that they/he/she have/has conducted at least one successful significant project that implements Thunder in a professional environment.

The Thunder Core Team will conduct a short interview via phone, mail, chat, or similar means with the respective project owner/sponsor. Further, the Core Team will review at least parts of the software code. The project and the implementation have to respect the following guidelines:

When reviewing the code, the Core Team will keep any non-public parts of the code strictly confidential. Further, it will not use any knowledge of the code for Thunder or any other projects.

Certified Thunder Integrators

Certified Thunder Integrators (CTI) are IT consultancies, developers, agencies, and similar IT professionals with a proven knowledge and practical experience in managing and implementing successful Thunder projects. CTIs need to be certified by the Thunder Core Team in order to be allowed to use the label ‘Certified Thunder Integrator’ and the associated badge (coming in May 2016) to promote their services.

How to apply
Company Description Services Reference Projects Countries of Operation

galaniprojects specialises in Product Management and Product Ownership for Digital Media. We are proud to have supported Thunder right from the start of the project. If you are looking for media experience paired with deep Thunder knowledge, give us a call.

  • Project management
  • Product management
  • Testing
Reference Projects
Countries of Operation
  • Europe

A digital agency with many years of experience in building perfect

solutions with Drupal for our enterprise clients.

  • Project management
  • Product management
  • Webdesign
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Testing
Reference Projects
Countries of Operation
  • Worldwide

The Wunder Group is a digital agency that designs, builds and supports digital services that are key to large and medium-sized organisations. Beyond simply creating websites, we develop digital services in long-term partnerships with our clients, providing end-to-end services of consulting, design, development and support.

  • Project management
  • Product management
  • Webdesign
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Testing
Reference Projects
Countries of Operation
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Norway



Burda Magazine Holding GmbH
Arabellastrasse 23
81925 Munich

phone: +49 / 89 / 9250-4617

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